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Wormhole Ninja Sniffer

Yesterday evening I finally managed to do something I wanted to do for a long time. I had almost forgotten about the plan until that evening when I log in, see a neutral in local and decide to scan the system. Not long before I find a wormhole leading into unexplored space. Then I remember: When the Venture came out I immediately wanted to go on a ninja gas mining trip into a wormhole! The plan was put into the drawer when we moved from Wicked Creek to Period Basis and gathered dust there until now.

So here is this nice wormhole and I have some time. Maybe I find something interesting. A connection to highsec maybe? Such things are always very useful to get some shopping trips done. I jump through the hole and start scanning. The system is not completely empty, there is at least one POS here, but things seem to be rather quiet. No moving ships on dscan at least.

When I have the first signature scanned to a degree that I can see the type I comes back to me. A ladar site! The ninja gas mining idea! Maybe the site has not been activated by possible inhabitants, yet. Then I would have 15 minutes after I warp in before sleeper NPCs show up and chase me off. I get my shit in range an do a d-scan on the site. At least there is nothing obvious. No ships, no wrecks. I get quite excited. I head back to my home system, buy a gas harvester, jump into my procurer and fit the harvester … not. Right there was a reason why I needed a venture for this. Gas harvesters need a turret slot to be fitted. So I look on the market and luckily in HIX there are ventures for sell. I go there and buy the things I need.

Gas harvesting ninja venture

Gas harvesting ninja venture

The mining frigate gets 2 harvesters a basic shield tank and an MWD. Furthermore I put on a scan probe launcher just in case I get lost. And off we go back to the wormhole. Before I jump through I have a quick look at the EVE Uni gas mining guide. I’ve never done this before and think it might be better to look things up now than at the site. That’s a very wise move indeed because the guide makes me check my overview settings and indeed I have to turn on the gas clouds… thus prepared I jump through the wormhole.

I love the hole concept of wormholes. If I had more time I would definitely consider living in one. The dynamics of the shifting connections, the tension of the silent local chat, the gorgeous graphics. It’s one of those features that make EVE very unique. CCP is right in taking Apocrypha as a model expansion.

I warp into the gas cloud site and indeed it seems to be fresh and clean. The clock starts ticking. 15 minutes until sleepers will drop on me. There are two gas clouds at about 30km. I am glad I packed an MVD now. You have to be right on top of a cloud to harvest tells me the guide. I choose the slightly closer one. Also it is pink. It contains Fullerite-C50. I lock onto the cloud an start my harvesters.

Swooping in on the first gas cloud

Swooping in on the first gas cloud

It’s a great feeling. I am doing this! I know that I will not make a terrible amount of ISK from this. But I am doing something new, something with a very spacey feeling to it. Also something that feels a little bit forbidden. Awesome!

My eyes flick between dscan, the clock and the overview. When will the sleeper drones come for me? Are there really no other players here? The seconds tick by while my ore-hold is filling with the precious gas.  After about 12 minutes my harvesters shut off. The first cloud is gone. I hesitate a moment, then I hit my MVD and race over the 60km to the Fullerite-C84 cloud. Still no sleepers in sight. I start the harvesters again and align to my exit wormhole. Cannot be long now.



The quarter of an hour is over. Everything still quiet. The harvesters hum as I hold my breath. Surely any moment now…

It takes another 5 to 6 minutes before the NPCs finally arrive. 5 sleeper frigates warp in and instantly yellow-box my venture. The engagement alarm is set off and I am spamming the warp to button. Without further incidents the ship slips into warp, leaving the remaining gas and the sleepers behind. With a broad grin on my face I jump back to nullsec, warp to station and dock up. Unloading my ore bay yields roughly 8M isk worth of fullerenes. I hope somebody here wants to do some T3 production… the adventure was priceless.

Stay frosty! Chira.

Beautiful wormhole space

Beautiful wormhole space

Deep in the unexplored

Deep in the unexplored

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