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Open Letter: CSM7’s Last Duty

Dear CSM7 members,

there is a huge elephant in the room concerning the election of the CSM8. It’s turnout. As I am sure you understand better than anybody, a decent turnout for the election is crucial for the legitimacy of the CSM as an organ of player representation.

It appears (please correct me if this a wrong impression) that this year CCP will again leave it mostly to the player base to ensure that everybody knows about the election, is informed about the candidates and participates in the voting. Therefore, I call on you as our current representatives to continue to do everything in your power to spread the word and motivate the whole electorate to turn out. Most of you are in the comfortable position of not having to run a campaign this time, which liberates you to serve the community by championing the process itself. I urge you to throw in your weight with CCP to make them provide tools to disseminate the information through the game client as much as possible. For example, it would be great if one could distribute campaign flyers as in-game items, similar to the NEO trading cards we got for christmas. Each candidate could (after surviving the primaries) be given a set of blueprints from which to print his flyer (1 veldspar per copy?). Those items  could be dumped in containers at the Jita undock, sold on the market, contracted  to corporations etc. It’s just one way of doing it and I believe you will come up with many more ideas.

Please ask CCP for support in this! You are uniquely positioned to ensure a well legitimated continuation of your work. The best way to make all you have achieved for the CSM last and count is to ensure a good turnout for your successor’s election.

Sincerely, Chirality.

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A rookie capsuleer exploring the depths of New Eden


10 thoughts on “Open Letter: CSM7’s Last Duty

  1. Thanks Chirality!

    There most certainly has been a whole host of talk between CSM7 and CCP about improving turnout in the election, with the highest concentration of this between the December summit and where we stand today. The good news is that there’s very little we have to “leverage” as the people responsible for implementing this awareness (CCP Dolan and CCP Xhagen) are the very individuals that are the conduit for all our major communication with CCP anyways.

    Going as far back as Trebor’s (in)famous electoral reform thread, the consensus amongst the players was that increasing voter turnout should be CCP’s highest priority, feedback I’ve been reminding them of (along with the rest of the CSM) throughout our recent talks about the changes to the voting system. I’ve personally argued that increasing turnout is safer and arguably more productive than simply changing up the election mechanics, which brings with it a whole host of risks involving possible gamesmanship. One way or another, we’ll find out if that comes to pass, but general election promotion has certainly not been lost in this discussion.

    One of the concrete points that CSM7 has been pushing for (that I’m pretty confident will come to pass) is a video dev blog discussing the CSM, the election, the importance of participation, and that explains to players how to get involved. In addition, Xhagen and Dolan both stated (internally, under NDA) several other measures they plan to take in order to actively promote the election. I’ll believe it when I see them of course (as with all CCP initiatives) but one thing is clear, CCP definitely has received the message that this issue is of utmost importance and sounds like they plan to do a bigger and better job of promoting things this year than the last.

    Time is running out, and despite the recent dev blog there’s clearly been a bit of procrastination on CCP’s part in publicly addressing the election and the white paper, it really shouldn’t have taken this long to get the conversation started again. Things are proceeding nonetheless, if nothing else we can easily say that CSM7 has done all it can to push for more public support for the election from CCP, and the ball is in their court to deliver.

    Posted by Hans Jagerblitzen | 06/03/2013, 07:09
    • Nice question, good answer but as jester said: Hans, do a blog of your own about this. It is important stuff.
      Nothing against you Chirality but it’s the first time I visit your blog and thats only because jester linked it. If Hans would do a post of his own I would have seen it before jester reposted it. 😉 (ok that seems almost impossible but hey)

      I like the idea with flyer printing.

      Posted by Chanina | 06/03/2013, 10:49
  2. HANS: BLOG! THIS! Honestly sir, you have a blog. How hard is it for you to post things on it? No disrepect at all to you, Chirality. Thanks for asking the question!

    Posted by Jester | 06/03/2013, 09:00
  3. On the other hand, that way my small, little blog sees some traffic. How else to attract readers, than with some exclusive information? 😉 Hope you guys also enjoy the other articles.

    Posted by chiralityeve | 06/03/2013, 11:54
  4. Let me add my +1 internets to you dear Chirality, good question, and well played on the “exclusive content” comment. Well done sir, I shall stay and read some more! (I read your stuff first Jester dont get all jelly! :-p)

    Posted by Cephias Caine | 06/03/2013, 14:29
  5. Chirality, good post better question. Now may I push for ALL of os to ask CCP to allow us to buy advertising space on the ubiquitous Gate Billboards all over New Eden??? I mean we SHOULD be able to, it a BILLBOARD fer heavens sake! Let the Playerbase USE them!!! Simple ISK purchases and ad time on the Big Screen in the CQ should be EASY for CCP to setup…

    CCP let us buy AD time on the Billboards!!!! Then all of New Eden, especially those who don’t read cogs and forums and such could be reached.

    Posted by TurAmarth | 06/03/2013, 19:57


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