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CSM Townhall Meeting 03-02-2013

This transcript has been done during the CSM Townhall meeting on 03-02-2013. I did not record precises quotes. Nor do I try to attribute the statements to individual CSM members. Most statements are paraphrased  from what I understood as the main points of the answers.

The full podcast is available at EVERadio.

Please drop any corrections into the comments.

  • Question: customization of UI?
    • CCP will very probably not allow it
    • Art concerns and legacy code
  • New voting system: Can votes be transferred to another candidate by the candidate?
    • There will be changes to system and mechanics
    • Xhagen is (still) working on it
    • CSM does not know yet how it will look
  • EVE voice detached from client?
    • Should work from EVE gate
    • One of those things in the air but not really priority
    • Because many people already use third party tools
  • What about a Dust rep being elected by EVE players? How does CSM feel about it?
    • Depends on whether CSM cands are playing Dust themselves
    • Expertise would be welcome
    • but CSM will stay an EVE thing, bulk of work will be spend on EVE related work
  • CSM minutes on Dust sessions
    • should be released in the next weeks
  • Shortcuts: Deploy drones? New Drone UI?
    • CSM had asked CCP about that, CCP seems to do preliminary work on this
    • Not clear when this would be released
    • CCP agrees that it needs updating
  • How stakeholder status is working? POS thread? And what about new dev strategy?
    • Stakeholder process works “much better” than first half of term
    • Serious discussions before CSM winter meeting
    • Now more invites to meetings
    • More communication
    • More access to development material
    • More transparency on what is being worked on
    • It was clear from the beginning: It’s not going to be “just POS” from now on.
    • But make it clear how important it is
    • Best scenario: small fixes for summer
    • Thread has worked in the sense that CCP is now aware that many people are interested
    • New dev process promising in the sense of delivering a coherent development, but remains to be seen how well it will work
    • New stakeholder status also means that CSM8 will have a lot work to do (1-2 skype meetings per week + several documents) Candidates should be aware of this
  • News on Certificates?
    • certs not touched for about 3 years
    • not discussed in the recent past
  • Are there upcoming changes to New Player experience?
    • Still ongoing work on NPE
    • CCP is aware that this is important
    • Not clear what changes will be made
    • CSM has been shown a few things but not clear when this will appear
    • Within 2013 something new should come
  • Has CCP intentionally been avoiding changes to Nullsec?
    • Probably CCP just did not have it on the schedule
    • Should change (see minutes of winter meeting)
    • Discussions showed that CCP is aware of problems
    • CSM seems confident that something will happen in 2013
    • But not clear if this will be some dramatic change
    • New dev strategy has room for smaller changes to nullsec
    • Probably changes are going to be incremental
    • CCP will probably try to identify the small things that will make biggest impact
  • How should SOV work?
    • CSM perspective: Live off the land, farm the fields, people should be able to burn down the fields
    • But CSM cannot do game design
    • The broad concept can be implemented in many ways
    • Does “fix 0.0” mean “fix SOV” ? Maybe first fix why people should want to hold space at all!?
  • What about skill proliferation being a problem to newbies?
    • When new skills are introduced this should expand the present system, not be too specialized on a single feature
    • But: because of T1 re-balancing young players can be effective much quicker now, with less skillpoints
  • Any new ideas for PvE content?
    • Yes there are new ideas. CCP has large plans for PvE overhaul
    • When and if this comes depends on new planning process outcome
    • PvE vs “Solo” experiences … solo need not be classical PvE ?? There might be up something like this.
  • POS system: aren’t corp roles a serious issue?
    • Yes. CCP is aware that this is a serious issue
    • The system carries a lot of legacy code
  • Miner bumping, protection fees, will something be done about these problems?
    • “Working as planned”
    • Mining is not meant to be done half asleep
    • Harassment belongs to mining
    • Miners already got a big boost last year through barge revamp and new crime watch
  • Will it be possible to manage skills from outside client?
    • Might be possible through cresst
    • Might even come this year
  • Tesselation in EVE (there was a demo last fanfest)? When?
    • CSM does not know anything on the timelines
    • Don’t expect it too soon
  • Does the CSM have a background in agile development / SCRUM, did it serve CSM?
    • There are people on the CSM with experience
    • CCP has its own version of SCRUM
    • Somebody who wants to be on the CSM would profit from experience with for knowledge about agile development
    • Stakeholder process has a specific meaning inside the CCP methodology, CSM was pushing forward to really get included into the agile process at CCP
    • CSM has proven that they can work in the time constraints of that process
  • Any discussion on ingame skill-queues? Skill planner?
    • Has not been discussed yet.
    • CSM is glad and surprised that CCP discusses opening to third-party tools for this (edit mode)
  • Has CCP discussed changing the availability of moon minerals for T2 production?
    • There has been discussion with CCP, CSM has pressed for this
    • Move away from passive sources
    • Need active pilots in space to harvest
      • the more pilots you have in space the more money the alliance can make
    • Space should not be equally valuable to motivate conflict
    •  CSM wants to keep an eye on the development to provide early feedback
  • Voting reform?
  • Has Xhagen already given an update?
    • He wants to make changes, but no draft given yet.
  • CREST. Will CCP certify trusted 3rd party apps?
    • No.
    • There will be risk.
    • But there will be fine grained access rights, which you can give to an application.
    • The access rights management should be clear to users
  • What is CCP planning for the 100M+ SP players?
    • If we only knew….
    • So far we can only guess. Fix moon minerals, fix sov ….
  • Question from dust merc: Dust + EVE common economy, how will be this solved? EVE players have much more money compared to mercs!
    • We don’t know yet
    • CCP is very cautious about this, aware of problem
  • Update on wardec mechanics? What about perma-decs?
    • There has been a bit of discussion  between CSM and CCP
    • Different opinions inside CSM
    • Different opinions inside CCP
    • Difficult balancing
    • It’s going to be addressed but not clear when
    • Let’s hope that constructive discussions continue
  • Iteration on PI?
    • anybody agrees that UI needs love.
    • Idea: move this out of the client? onto IPad or similar…
    • Relation to Dust514 ?
    • Better integration into the economy? But this needs better UI to make it more attractive….
  • Other data formats other than XML for 3rd party producers?
    • CREST is JSON
    • Nothing else known
  • Drones as a weapons system? Further changes in the pipe? Re-balance drones (sentry/heavy…)?
    • Drones modules made drones very effective for PvP
    • Not clear whether CCP is thinking about this?
    • Maybe other weapons systems should be fixed first?
  • How to balance highsec and nullsec?
    • Decouple the two a bit? Add more fluidity in the systems?
    • Issue: Minerals in nullsec
    • CCP not happy with current dynamics
    • Both regions need something special
    • (Sov)Nullsec should have a bit more reward for a bit more risk
    • General feeling: highsec is working in principle and nullsec is broken.
    • Once sov is secured, nullsec is too secure, while taking sov is a nightmare
  • T2 BPOs, unfair? should they be removed?
    • General feeling: not really a problem
  • API will this be replaced by CREST?
    • Yes. Very probable
    • Ingame browser will probably not be improved
  • Further changes planned on Supers?
    • CCP will only change them once everything else is done (ship balancing wise)
    • The fact that there are maybe only 2 Asakai-style fights per year is a shame
    • Fozzie and Greyscale believe they should have a special role
    • Soon^tm
    • Probably it’s not just about tweaking some numbers
  • Was CSM informed of the sensor compensation skills introduction? What do you think about this?
    • General opinion: not happy about this
    • But also different opinions inside CSM
    • Pro: Allows specialization
    • Cons: Limited use, other modules were introduced without skill requirements, why not fix ECM instead?
  • How did your CSM platforms affect CCP during the term?
    • Common topic: CSM members are not Game Designers!
  • 6 out of 8 CSM7 members present are not running for CSM8. Why? And what about the other two?
    • Common topics: personal reasons, time budget, more time for playing the game
    • No final decision from Trebor (ETA 2 weeks) and UAxDEATH (ETA weeks)
  • Should CSM8 members be required to give their real life name?
    • CCP wants it public
    • there is a Jita Park Corner’s thread about this here


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  1. Minor nitpick: That’s not “JASON” but “JSON“.

    Posted by Mary C. Titor | 03/02/2013, 23:22
  2. Thanks for your hard work in producing this summary.

    Posted by Trebor Daehdoow | 04/02/2013, 02:52

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