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In Business

It only took a few hours on the market and my first batch of completely self produced POS fuel sold for 60M isk. That pays for the infrastructure on my 5 planets and yields a nice profit for my wallet. More important is the satisfaction of having built something useful for the coalition.


I am not a good economist. I don’t even really start to optimize things, yet. I have no spreadsheets to keep track of my production and the only tool I use is eveplanets.com. The one thing I am starting to miss is a reverse search tool which helps me to figure out which products I can easily expand into, given the stocks of materials I already have. But that is a different story. At the moment it’s just fun to set up the PI and build some higher tier products. The real bottleneck of POS fuel production actually is the ice mining. I was not aware of this initially since I came upon fuel blocks as a PI product. Here are the ingredients needed to produce 40 Minmatar fuel blocks with ice materials marked in violett:


  • 150 Heavy Water
  • 400 Hydrogen Isotopes
  • 150 Liquid Ozone
  • 20 Oxygen = 3000 Noble Gas
  • 8 Coolant = 64 Water + 64 Electrolytes = 9600 Aqueous Liquids + 9600 Ionic Solutions
  • 4 Enriched Uranium = 32 Precious Metals + 32 Toxic Metals = 4800 Noble Metals + 4800 Heavy Metals
  • 4 Mechanical Parts = 32 Precious Metals + 32 Reactive Metals = 4800 Noble Metals + 4800 Base Metals
  • 1 Robotics = 10/3 Mechanical Parts + 10/3 Consumer Electronics = 4000 Noble Metals + 4000 Base Metals + 4000 Heavy Metals + 4000 Non CS-Crystals

While the materials produced on planets only require minimal management of the colonies, the ice mining is a slow and to some extent also dangerous process since all this happens in null sec. With the constant threat of hostile ships entering the system there is no way of doing the mining semi-afk. The Hydrogen isotopes are coming from Smooth Glacial Masses (350units/cycle) and Gelidus is my main source of Heavy Water (250units) and Liquid Ozone (500units). It takes approximately 3min to mine one cycle of ice with the new mining barges. I am using a procurer because should I be caught in the belt with my pants down this ship let’s me survive long enough for relieve forces to arrive. It’s easy to see now that the Heavy Water is the limiting factor in the production. Actually I am doing a bit worse than even that, since my skills are not fully developed and – even more important – the ice field has to be cleared of rats regularly, which means reshipping into a battlecruiser, shooting red crosses, going back to station to fetch the barge again. Since almost always you get battlecruiser and often battleship spawns it is no option for me to use the drones on my barge to defend myself. Considering all that it is becoming clear to me why people are complaining about industry being essentially dead in null sec. Economically (taking into account the isk I would make ratting instead of ice mining) it might even make sense to import the ice products from empire space. But I already said that I am a bad economist. I am still dreaming of a subsistence life-style in null sec. Maybe this year will see some steps in this direction with the ongoing discussions of POS revamps, “farms and fields” and so on.

My second character is just setting up her colonies. Soon I will have ten planets in production. The initial plan was to produce Nanite Repair Paste. Because that sounded awesome to me and it is useful stuff. Turns out that my new corporation already has a paste production program going on. So I will contribute a bit to that, but since I need to make money off my colonies I am considering to phase into some other products. What is being build in nullsec are big things. And those things need the high tier products I can build on my colonies. I am thinking about a tool that will make it easy to come to a decision what to produce with minimal changes to the production lanes. We will see where this leads us.

Appart from that I start to be well stocked in PVP ships. There are a Hurricane and a Naga sitting in my hangar next to the bombers and interceptors. The latest additions were the Sabre and a Scimitar for my alt. Next on the shopping list are Battleships. A Maelstrom for ratting and a Rokh for PvP. No idea how to fund all this, though. I am far from my initial ideas of a sustainable business but at least my feeble attempts are producing some income. If you have any brilliant ideas, go ahead! One thing I wanted to try is ninja-gas-mining in wormholes with my new and shiny venture. Anybody done that? If there only would be more wormholes in null-sec ….

Fly smart! Chira.

About chiralityeve

A rookie capsuleer exploring the depths of New Eden


4 thoughts on “In Business

  1. Nice! I’ve been looking at this myself in hi sec as a way to increase profits from PI product. My first calculation came out that I was making an extra 46 ISK per block so I’m off that plan until a) I get Production Efficiency V and/or b) mine and refine my own ice. Looks like it’ll be subsistence manufacture of fuel blocks until that point.

    Have you tried contracting out the belt clearance? For example “I’ll pay you X to keep this belt clear of rats for half an hour”?

    Posted by Space Noob | 10/01/2013, 11:23
    • Rats are an important source of income in null. A typical spawn in a belt is worth 1-2M isk. So I would not even have to pay people to get them clear those. The problem is the timing. For sure nobody will sit in the belt with me waiting for the rats to spawn. Actually I am thinking about mining with one toon and ratting in the other. But I probably would still have to warp to a save with my barge. Only the reshipping would be spared. Another option is simply tanking the rats (belt rats don’t switch target, yet). But this also locks down a complete ship. Might be worth if we have a mining op ongoing.

      Posted by chiralityeve | 10/01/2013, 13:41
      • You’d be paying them for sitting around before the spawns, or if there are no spawns while you are there. You then mine the belt with both toons, making cash. Contracted security on a small mining op. It’s low effort for the guard. I wonder if you’d get any takers and I wonder if your profit margins could soak the cost.

        Posted by Space Noob | 10/01/2013, 14:04
      • Having people sitting around will not happen in null. The risk is too high so the guard can not do this semi afk. The price I would have to pay to be more attractive than ratting is too large, since mining makes much less isk per hour than shooting rats 😦

        Posted by chiralityeve | 10/01/2013, 19:21

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